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About Alphonse MccCullough


Alphonse McCullough, Adam's friend and frequent co-collaborator for nearly thirty years, has been crafting written and visual content “for practically my entire adult life’, he states with a laugh.  He’s an alumnus of both BET and The Source Magazine, two of the most venerated media platforms for young urban culture, entertainment and lifestyle demos. After creating We Can Do This!, his own Hip Hop themed interview and video tv show at a local DC cable access station in the early 90s, he self-syndicated it, sending it to dozens of low power and access cable stations across the country resulting in airings in more than 50 markets. He’s written about music and culture for local, national and international outlets (The Washington Post, The Washington Times, YSB Magazine and The Source, among others). 

At BET he joined Rap City as the Hip Hop cultural expert/producer, taking it from a local/regional based show to national and international audiences in more than 35 million homes across the country, Canada, Europe and the West Indies. He created numerous programming elements spotlighting Hip Hop culture for Rap City (WRAP Radio, The Black College Campus Tour, Freestyle Friday, Old School Wednesdays) culminating in The Bassment, a format BET employed for years after his departure.

He’s interviewed countless music and entertainment artists - Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, The Wu-Tang Clan, George Clinton, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Queen Latifah, RUN-DMC, Busta Rhymes, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, the late Heavy D - and major advertising agency business executives and creatives as well.   

He served as Music Editor for YSB (Young Sisters and Brothers) Magazine, as Senior Editor for The Source Magazine, overseeing both the features and front of book departments and columns, as well penning a monthly national column Commercial Rap for more than two years which detailed the budding relationship between Hip Hop culture and Madison Ave. He won a Health in Journalism Award for his Heart & Soul Magazine 2011 feature on singer Will Downing’s fight against polymyositis, blogged for MSBET and on music and culture and had served as a consultant on music, tv and film projects too numerous to name here.

“Both Adam and I have been extremely fortunate in that we’ve both had parents that have taken our education very seriously, respectively. They made sure that as people of African descent we knew that we have an incredible history before coming to America in bondage and after we arrived, enduring unimaginable horrors.”


Their combined experience, backgrounds and wealth of experiences not only creating content, but content targeted specifically for a youth/young adult demo give them not only a unique perspective but a unique toolbox of skills, qualifying them in a way few others can truly claim.

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Alphonse McCullough,
Executive Editor

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