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IUEC is a 501c 3

 non profit organization


Adam P. Kennedy Interview Series: Chronicling Greatness


The series’ primary goal is to present remarkable men and women whose works have helped to shape our lives and define eras, sharing their achievements with the general population, with a specific focus on our newest generation.













Our mission is to teach the youth about the diverse pioneering spirit that has created our world.


Chronicling Greatness presents pioneers, newsmakers, legends and heroes from around the world. The goal is to inspire our young people by enriching, empowering and educating them with the knowledge that people just like them have achieved extraordinary feats and accomplished previously unimagined things through bravery, hard work, creativity, ingenuity and indefatigable spirit.


The Series:


American Heroes of War chronicles the extraordinary military service and the life of the American soldier from World War II to the present day. The series documents and preserves their stories and educates and inspires our young people.


Profiles on Pioneers interviews outstanding men and women from around the world who have and continue to make substantial contributions in their respective fields. Profiles chronicles the historic impact of these trailblazers as they share their influences, views, insights and knowledge on the world they helped create and its relationship to the world at large.


Newsmakers interviews outstanding activists, artists, entrepreneurs and educators from around the world.


Remembering Legends chronicles the outstanding contributions of legendary deceased men and women by interviewing the people who knew them best in order to honor and learn from these trail blazers. 

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