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General Tony Zinni

“Knowing our history to preserve and protect our freedom”

Chronicling Greatness

Chronicling Greatness

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Greatest Warriors and Leaders in modern american military history
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Chronicling the Greatest Warriors & Leaders in Modern American Military History Series  

First person, multi media, interactive episodes featuring video, audio, interactivity, maps, music and more.

Review of General Ray Davis, One of the Episodes in the Series:


Adam Kennedy has produced a highly readable and visual account of the U.S. Marines during the Korean War. He has specially focused on retelling the story of then Lt Col Raymond Davis's epic march to retrieve one of his rifle companies (F/2/7) that had been temporarily trapped by thousands of Communist Chinese soldiers at Toktong Pass. To make the reading even more fascinating, using state of the art digital technology, Kennedy has incorporated lots of sidebar mini-histories on the equipment used by the 

Marines during the war as well as social and cultural events that took place at the same time back home ...thanks to Adam Kennedy for so vividly illustrating this event for future researchers.  


~ Dr. Charles Neimeyer, 

Director, USMC History Division

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