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Quotes for Chronicling Greatness & Chronicling the Heroic Stories of the American Military

"I think you have a fine product and it will serve historians and students well as they look at all the wars that have been necessary to keep us free."


Lt. General Lawrence Snowden, (ret). United States Marine Corps, 1942-1979.


"I marveled at the ability of the ‘American Heroes of War’ publisher to produce an extremely informative and outstanding computer enhanced magazine. One story, covering General Eisenhower’s visit to the first liberated German Concentration Camp, was riveting as he described the deadly conditions yet called it an Internment Camp.


Even though I was but a child during WWII I found stories on some of my friends from the Legion of Valor of the United States of America Inc.  Bill Raposa, a recipient of two Navy Crosses is pictured on page 78.  He just passed away on March 7, 2015.  A great gentleman and WWII pilot.  Congratulations on publishing an outstanding collection of historical articles."   


Colonel Phillip J Conran, Air Force Cross, Vietnam War 1962-1975, 21st Special Operations Squadron.



“The effort being undertaken by Mr. Adam Kennedy to chronicle the achievements and tell the stories of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who performed gallantly in peace and war is indeed a noble cause.  That these service members contributed so selflessly to the defense of our Nation and always with excellence is an untold story in American history. 
I applaud Mr. Kennedy for his effort in filling this void and wish him much success in making this history available to Americans of all generations, backgrounds and races.  Thanks to all who support this work and help ensure those, notably Black Americans, who served and their stories are recognized and not forgotten.”


William E. (Kip) Ward is a retired U.S. Army 4 star general officer now serving as President and Chief Operating Officer, SENTEL Corporation of Alexandria, Virginia.  As the inaugural Commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), Ward successfully established the nation’s newest and uniquely positioned interagency combatant command responsible for all U.S. defense and security activities on the African continent.


"The American Heroes of War interview series and emagazine plays a vital role in preserving and presenting the lives of veterans of World War II.  Almost 500 veterans from the most monumental event of the 20th century die every day. Within a decade the witnesses to this history will be gone. American Heroes of War and Adam P. Kennedy have taken the stories to another level with their enhanced emagazine. With all the multi media elements the emagazine takes you back to the world of the 1940's and is a wonderful and engaging educational and informative tool for young and old alike."


Howard Hyle, World War II Veteran, POW, 84th Infantry Division. Retired Vice President, Coca-Cola International.

"I was certainly impressed by the magazine preview sent to me by Adam Kennedy. I thought it was very well done and a great and interesting read. My congratulations and kudos go out to Adam for a job well done. Although I appreciate very much being included in the magazine I never thought of myself as a hero. The true heroes are the guys who never made it back home."


Alan Moskin, World War II Veteran, 71st Division. Vice President, Holocaust Museum and Study Center.



"The men and women of my father's generation who wanted to serve their country without question or reservation has always been an inspiration to me. Public service, the citizen soldier, their stories need to be remembered. Adam Kennedy and Chronicling Greatness is doing that in a phenomenal way."


Roger Adelman is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Washington, D.C., 1969-1987           




"We were out in what we called armed reconnaissance...We were in a flight of 6 aircraft...we were looking for targets..., his (Ensign Jesse Brown) plane got hit... he landed in an open area - there where mostly trees but he landed in this open area... he hit with such force that the plane was bent at the cockpit. There was about 20 inches of snow on the ground. He didn't get out of the plane after he crashed ... he opened the canopy and waved at us to show that he had survived. Smoke started coming out of the nose of his airplane.


I made the decision to crash land my air plane to pull Jesse out of the cockpit before the smoke turned into flames... he was pinned in... and couldn't move... with all the snow on the ground it made it just like ice and I couldn't get any traction ... his hands were literally frozen.


He was conscious and calm. I got to my radio to contact the helicopter to bring an ax and a fire extinguisher... about half hour passed I felt helpless... when the helicopter arrived he hand an ax and fire extinguisher... the ax bounced off the fuselage and the fire extinguisher after a few squirts was empty... the helicopter pilot and I talked and we decided there was nothing we could do. The pilot had to leave and I was given the choice to go with him or staying with Jesse. Staying with Jesse would have been absolute suicide. The temperatures were maybe 10 degrees above zero and we were pretty sure Jesse was dead at that time...


I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him alive, he was a friend, I made that decision to try and save his life...thank you for letting me share his story, Adam P. Kennedy."


Captain Thomas Hudner, Korean War Medal of Honor Recipient. On 4 December 1950, while on a close air support mission near the Chosin Reservoir, Ensign Brown's plane was hit by enemy fire and crashed. Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., was awarded the Medal of Honor for his efforts.




"The kids need to know what we went through and what we did. I volunteered for the Air Force, but then my draft card said 4-C, enemy alien. 'Enemy alien? What do you mean enemy alien? I'm an American.' 'Your draft card says 4-C, enemy alien, we can't take you... our stories are so important... thank you Adam Kennedy."


Pvt. George T. Sakato, World War II, Medal of Honor Recipient 442nd, Regimental Combat Team. The 442nd was an infantry regiment in the United States Army comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry and is most decorated Unit in the History of United States Military.




"The eMagazine is quite extraordinary. (American Heroes of War)  I loved the way that the whole WWII era is able to be experienced through videos, photos, print, songs and even ads.  The magazine is cleverly executed and easy to navigate.  It is wonderful for educators to have such important material gathered in one place for easy access.  For instance, how great is it that children can learn about Victory Gardens and the role of women in the production of steel alongside these powerful stories of war. Clearly this has been an enormous undertaking and I imagine you must be rightfully proud."


Mary Trowbridge, Lower School Director

Manhattan Country School, New York City.




“As the Colorado Association of School Librarians president I can safely say that our policy is to educate students about all areas of life, especially about heroes of our culture...  I tell you that they would gladly catalog, promote, and check out books about these American heroes.  I have gone onto your web site and read the eBook on Vernon Baker and watched the videos of Homer Hyle and Bob Zimmer.  It would be fantastic if those 6-12 grade students could also benefit for this very interesting series of books. Thank you for all of the obvious work that went into this amazing project.”


Megan McQuinn, Colorado Association of School Librarians President

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